Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finally, our pictures are here!

I finally made it to Best Buy to get a new cord to my camera so I could upload our photos from the holidays. I am not going to write a ton so just check out or pictures below!

Randy, Rudolph's brother, came to stay with us. He said he liked us so much he will be back next year. Actually, this is what my dad gave Annie for Christmas. It's not just Wes that loves big, obnoxious stuffed animals :)

Whew- it's hot in Mississippi. Sure its December?

Clearly New Year's Eve

Annie after her first night away from us. I heard they had a pretty wild party next door.

Tailgating before the Cotton Bowl- The girls group

And the boys

We're on our way to see the Rebels play!!!

Last time at Cotton Bowl Stadium. What an AMAZING game to see.

Glad to be home. Annie LOVES the monkey on this toy..LOVES

Getting ready for swim lessons. Annie has hit a growth spurt. This swimsuit was supposed to be for this summer. It's 18 months. Obviously it runs very small. The hat was not necessary since swim lessons are in a nice, heated, indoor pool. It was a nice touch for the picture, though

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Fishy

Annie went to her first swim lesson today. Seriously, she did GREAT! I was the one that was nervous. I think she is a natural. She was kicking her feet and splashing her hands in the water. We got to take with our friends Tanna and Addison. Addison is a little older so she even went off the slide. For now, we will just learn to back float!
I forgot my camera but she looked so cute. Picture a white bubble suit swimsuit with red polka dots and two cherries that hang off the top- I could have eaten her up. It wouldn't have mattered how many pictures I took. I lost the cord that lets me upload my pictures onto the computer. Sorry- until I find that there will be no pictures. Try to use your imagination.
Also, over the Holidays, we traveled alot. We went to Meridian to visit my family for Christmas. There are the cutest pictures of Annie with her new doll as well as in the dress my sister and I wore to see Santa when we were her age. For New Year's we went to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl of course. Annie did awesome on the plane. It seems she likes to go,go,go. We had the best time staying with our friends, Bert and Candler, and their new dog, Abby. We went to a really fun New Year's Eve party and let Wes' parents keep Annie over night at their hotel. From what I heard, she had a louder party next door than we did. To top it off, Ole Miss won! It was a really exciting game.
Even though we had a great time traveling, we are so glad to be back in our own house. We are getting back in to routine. Sometime this week I will try to get to Best Buy to find a replacement camera cord. Can't wait to show you footage of everything that we have done.